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Norton Lindsey


Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 19th August 1818 between James Mander of Stratford-upon-Avon yeoman of the 1st part, George Augustus Mander of Warwick yeoman and Ann his wife of the 2nd part, Thomas Woods Weston of Stratford-upon-Avon esquire of the 3rd part and Kelynge Greenway of Warwick gentleman of the 4th part reciting that Ann Smith theretofore of Norton Lindsey spinster being in her lifetime and at her decease seised of the property described in DR 38/905 then described as: a messuage (then divided into two tenements) with appurtenances at Norton Lindsey, and a plot or allotment situate in the Fearns in Norton Lindsey containing 2 roods and 16 perches awarded under the Inclosure Act of 1809 (see DR 38/825) in lieu of the land described in DR 38/905, which said allotment was bounded by the Snitterfield Road, the first allotment to William Jackson the younger and the private road to the dwelling house of Thomas Court devised by her Will dated 2nd June 1780, the said hereditaments subject to payment of her debts etc. and all her personal estate to her daughter Mary Smith and in case the said Mary died under 21 years then the said real and personal property to Samuel Cooks of Lapworth thereby appointed her sole Executor, and reciting the death of Ann Smith in January 1782 unmarried leaving her natural child Mary Smith, who on 17th October 1791 married James Mander and died in April 1813 leaving Joseph Smith her natural son born before her marriage and the said George Augustus Mander her eldest son born after her marriage, whereupon the said James Mander became entitled to an estate for life in the said hereditaments as tenant by the Curtesy, it was thereby witnessed that James Mander and George Augustus Mander in consideration of £160 to them paid by Thomas Woods Weston conveyed the aforesaid premises to the said Thomas Woods Weston (Kelynge Greenway being a Trustee for him the said Thomas Woods Weston in certain contingencies) and they the said James Mander, George Augustus Mander and Ann his wife covenanted to pay a Fine of the said premises to enure to the benefit of the said Thomas Woods Weston. Signed James Mander, Ann Mander, Thomas Woods Weston, Kelynge Greenway and by the mark of George Augustus Mander. Witnessed by Thomas Tidmas, Josiah Page, Thomas Heydon and Thomas Hunt, Stratford-upon-Avon. Lease dated 18th August 1818 for one year by James Mander and George Augustus Mander to Thomas Woods Weston of the same property. Signed and sealed as before. Witnessed by Thomas Tidmas and Josiah Page. Note as to the death of Nathaniel Smith enclosed.