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Indenture between Shirley Woolmer of London fishmonger, sole Executor of the last Will of Joseph Woolmer late of Stratford-upon-Avon gentleman of the 1st part, Catherine Makepeace of Stratford-upon-Avon widow and Stephen Burman of Shottery gentleman, Executor of William Burman of the same place gentleman deceased of the 2nd part, Mary Watson of Stratford-upon-Avon widow of the 3rd part and Thomas Walford of Wolverton gentleman of the 4th part reciting an Indenture of Mortgage dated 9th January 1739 whereby Nathaniel Cookes mortgaged by demise of a term of 500 years the undivided moiety in the premises described in DR 38/926 to Joseph Woolmer subject to a proviso for redemption upon payment of £420, and reciting that by an Indenture dated 9th January 1739 whereby Joseph Woolmer declared that £200, part of the principal sum of £400 owing on the recited Indenture of 9th January 1739 was the money of Catherine Makepeace, and reciting another Indenture dated 9th January 1739 whereby Joseph Woolmer declared that the other £200 of the said principal sum of £400 was the money of Mary Watson, and reciting that Catherine Makepeace did receive of William Burman the said £200 and that William Burman being dead, the said Stephen Burman was his Executor, and reciting that Thomas Walford had paid £200 to Stephen Burman, that Nathaniel Cookes had paid all interest due in respect of the said £200 to Stephen Burman, and reciting that Nathaniel Cookes had conveyed his interest in the premises to Thomas Walford subject to the mortgage term of 500 years for receiving £200 lent by Mary Watson, and that the residue of the said term was then vested in Shirley Woolmer as executor of Joseph Woolmer, it was thereby witnessed that in consideration of 5/- paid to Shirley Woolmer by Mary Watson, at the request of Catherine Makepeace, Stephen Burman and Thomas Walford, to the said Shirley Woolmer assigned the residue of the Mortgage term of 500 years subject to the proviso for redemption upon payment of £200, in the moiety of the premises described in DR 38/926 to Mary Watson. Signed Shirley Woolmer, Katherine Makepeace, Thomas Walford and Stephen Burman. Seal, a lion rampant. Witnessed by John Hares, by the mark of Mary [Peen?], William Fenwick, William Wilton, Dionysius Bradley and Joshua Harborne.