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Indenture of Assignment between William Wilcox theretofore of Wolverton but then of Brandon esquire (Administrator of the goods of Thomas Wilcox late of Claverdon gentleman deceased) of the 1st part, Robert Philips of the Park, Prestwich, Lancashire esquire of the 2nd part and William Duckworth of Manchester gentleman of the 3rd part reciting DR 38/926, DR 38/937 DR 38/973 and that Thomas Wilcox had died on 9th April 1822 intestate and reciting DR 38/974, it was thereby witnessed that in consideration of 10/- paid by William Duckworth to William Wilcox, he the said William Wilcox, at the direction of Robert Philips assigned the three several terms of 500 years in the premises described in DR 38/926, DR 38/950, DR 38/971 DR 38/977 to William Duckworth and his Executors and assigns in trust to attend the inheritance of Robert Philips. Signed William Wilcox. Red wax seal. Witnessed by Thomas Tidmas and Joseph Shipton.