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Indentures of Lease and Releasee, the Release dated 3rd April 1819 between John Gibbs of Songar in the Parish of Claverdon farmer (eldest son and heir at law of Robert Gibbs late of Wolverton carpenter deceased) of the 1st part, William Gibbs of Songar aforesaid farmer of the 2nd part and John Rich of Bearley esquire of the 3rd part reciting DR 38/982 and that Robert Gibbs had died in July 1766 intestate leaving the said John Gibbs his heir at law him surviving, it was witnessed that in consideration of the natural love and affection which the said John Gibbs bore for his son William Gibbs and also in consideration of £300 paid by William Gibbs, he the said John Gibbs conveyed the property described in DR 38/982 DR 38/983 (then divided into 3 tenements) and in the occupations of Valentine Batchelor and John Ward, also another bmessuage standing near to the last mentioned messuage formerly a carpenter's shop and used and occupied with the first mentioned messuages converted to a cottage by John Gibbs, together with appurtenances to William Gibbs and John Rich and the heirs of William Gibbs for ever, the estate of John Rich to be held in trust for William Gibbs and his heirs. And the said John Gibbs assigned his lease in the Manor Grange and farm together with all stock etc. to William Gibbs. Signed John Gibbs and William Gibbs. Red wax seal. Witnessed by Joseph Page and John Lapworth. Lease dated 2nd April 1819 for one year of the same property by John Gibbs to William Gibbs. Signed John Gibbs. Sealed and witnessed as before.