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Attested Copy of a Bargain and Sale enrolled in the Court of Common Pleas in Trinity Term 1752 between Gery Packwood esquire, Richard Wright and William Wilson gentlemen, the major part of the Commissioners named in a Commission of Bankruptcy awarded against Seymour Walford late of Wolverton dealer and chapman of one part and William Quiney of Southam ironmonger of the other part reciting the Bankruptcy of Seymour Walford and that at a meeting of Creditors at the White Swan, Warwick, William Quiney was chosen to be Assignee in Bankruptcy of Seymour Walford, it was thereby witnessed that the said Commissioners conveyed to William Quiney the premises described in DR 38/952 (stated to contain together 339 acres and to be then in the occupation of Joseph Dadley) subject to the Annuity limited by the Will of John Walford (see DR 38/954) and the Mortgages described in DR 38/962 DR 38/963 in trust for the Creditors of Seymour Walford. Witnessed by J. Beardsley and Thomas Watson. Attested 16th April 1801 by Thomas Heydon and Abram King.