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Wolverton, Swinderley, Gainsborough Yorkshire


Copy Will of John Crompton of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire merchant whereby he bequeathed to his wife Dorothy all his books, plate, jewellery, wearing apparel, linen, china and all his household goods, also his sedan chaisse and he gave to his wife £105 for her use until the rents of her jointure became due, also an Annuity of £100 for her life, and he devised to his wife all his hereditaments in Swinderley, Lincolnshire for her life and thereafter to his granddaughter Elizabeth Ann Crompton and her heirs for ever, with remainder over to his granddaughter Dorothea Crompton and her heirs, in case she, the said Elizabeth Ann Crompton should die under 21 years, and he bequeathed to his wife Dorothy the interest upon £2550 New South Sea Annuities for her life, and after her decease he bequeathed the same to his daughter Elizabeth Bischoffe as thereafter mentioned. And he devised to his wife Dorothy his dwelling house for her life (excepting a warehouse), and reciting that Hugh Walford was entitled to an Annuity of £20 out of his hereditaments at Wolverton called Blinkens which was part of the hereditaments settled upon his wife for her jointure. He directed his son Samuel to discharge the said Annuity of £20 during the term of Hugh Walford's life and he gave to his daughter Elizabeth Bischoffe £1000 and devised to her certain hereditaments in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire and also the reversion or remainder after the decease of his wife Dorothy, and his sister-in-law Mrs. Rachell Sanders Cook of hereditaments in Yorkshire which were the estate of the Testator's father-in-law James Wyndlow esquire deceased or of Richard Wyndlow or Mrs. Ann Woodhouse deceased, and the Testator directed that in case his said daughter Elizabeth Bischoffe died before his wife Dporothy that then the said hereditaments and £2550 New South Sea Annuities should descend to the children of the said Elizabeth Bischoffe and in default of such issue to the Testator's son Samuel Crompton and he bequeathed £1000 to the first and also to the second child of Elizabeth Bischoffe upon attaining 21 years or marrying under that age with cross remainders over. And the Testator devised all his estates in Warwickshire and Lincolnshire to his son Samuel Crompton together with all the residue of his real and personal estate subject to the payment of all debts, legacies and the Annuity aforesaid and he appointed Samuel Crompton his sole Executor. Witnessed by George Healey, John Maybury and John Carr. Proved by Samuel Crompton at London 23rd November 1775. Nathaniel Gostling, George Jenner and Charles Dyneley Deputy Registrars.