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Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 31st March 1826 between William Wilcox late of Wolverton, but then of Brandon esquire and Ann his wife of the 1st part, Robert Philips of the Park, Prestwich, Lancashire esquire of the 2nd part, Mark Philips of the same place esquire of the 3rd part and John Bloomer Baly of Warwick gentleman of the 4th part whereby in consideration of £7850 paid by Robert Philips to William Wilcox, he the said William Wilcox conveyed to Robert Philips the premises described in DR 38/970, more particularly described as follows:- a messuage with appurtenances at Wolverton, a close called Roan's Close, also 3 yard lands and one quarter yard land lying in the Common Fields of Wolverton sometime in the tenure of Seymour Walford afterwards of Thomas Billinton, John Lowe and Mary Cross, then late of Thomas Lowe and then of John Smith which hereditaments contained as following, the house, barns, yard etc. (2 roods and 6 perches), the orchard and garden (2r-27p), buildings and close (1 acre, 1 rood and 28 perches), the close near the Town (2a-3r-17p), Bargain Hill Field (36a-0r-14p), Longden Field (27a-or-25p), Meadow Field (34a-0r-39p), Hither Blacon Field (35a-1r-5p), Further Blacon Field (30a-1r-18p) and the Lots in Town Meadow (9a-3r-6p), containing in all 178a-1r-25p, also several closes theretofore called Little Meadow, Great Meadow, the Sheep Pen Ground, the Barn Field and Foredrift, the Long Ground, the Blacon Great Ground, the Blacon Little Ground and Gravelly Hill, all which last mentioned hereditaments were formerly in the occupation of Thomas Lowe and then of William Palmer and were then called and contained as follows;- the Barn Field and Foredrift (3r-25p), the Little Meadow (4a-0r-34p), the Big Meadow (5a-1r-2p), the Sheep Pen Ground (8a-2r-22p), the Long Ground (10a-0r-25p), the Blacon Great Ground (15a-3r-18p), the Blacon Little Ground (3a-3r-16p) and the Gravels (7a-0r-30p) containing in all 56a-0r-12p to the use of Robert Philips for life to the use of Mark Philips during the life of Robert Philips upon determination of the prior life estate during that life in trust for Robert Philips, remainder to the use of Robert Philips and his heirs for ever. Covenant by William Wilcox and Ann his wife to levy a Fine and Recovery to John Bloomer Baly to the use of Robert Philips and his heirs for ever. Covenant by William Wilcox to produce documents of Title set out in a Schedule. Signed William Wilcox, Ann Wilcox and John Bloomer Baly. Red wax seal. Witnessed by Thomas Tidmas and Joseph Shipton. Lease dated 30th March 1826 for one year of the same property by William Wilcox to Robert Philips. Signed William Wilcox. Sealed and witnessed as before.