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Indenture made between Charles Walford Wilcox of Wolverton esquire of one part and John Calvert Blanshard of Leamington Priors esquire of the other part witnessing that for barring the entail of the said Charles Walford Wilcox in the hereditaments described in a Schedule thereto and all estate to take effect after the determination or in defeasance of such estate tail, he the said Charles Walford Wilcox conveyed to John Calvert Blanshard a messuage or farmhouse with outbuildings, also several closes with 3 cottages and other buildings thereon held with the said farmhouse containing with the site thereof 104 acres, 2 roods and 39 perches, all which said hereditaments were then in the occupation of Mrs. Harriett Taylor or her undertenants, a portion of which said hereditaments contained 9a-1r-21p comprising the said farmhouse, cottages, buildings, garden and orchard, and the field called Home Close, the remaining portions containing 95a-0r-18p were by the Inclosure Award allotted to William Wilcox, father of Charles Walford Wilcox in lieu of the lands described in DR 38/998 DR 38/1000 to the use of the said Charles Walford Wilcox and his heirs for ever. Schedule of the above mentioned lands. Signed Charles Walford Wilcox. Red wax seal with letters B B thereon. Witnessed by M. Brown solicitor, Warwick.