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Copy Will of Thomas Stanton of Wolverton gentleman reciting an Indenture dated 20th April 1648 whereby the said Thomas Stanton conveyed to Edward Cookes gentleman and Peter Willes gentleman, and their heirs his Manor house and hereditaments in Wolverton to certain uses, and the Testator did thereby confirm the recited Settlement and devised his Manor or Lordship of Wolverton with profits, courts and appurtenances, the Advowson of the Church of Wolverton and several chief rents in monies, cocks, hens, capons etc. in Wolverton and several parcels of meadow amounting to 114 poles in the Common Meadow of Wolverton and also several Leases and Copyhold estates in Wolverton (not settled by the above recited Indenture) and all other his real estate to his wife Elizabeth Stanton, and to John Wagstaffe of Bishop's Tachbrook gentleman, and Edward Cookes of Hampton Lucy gentleman and Edward Willes of Newbold Comyn gentleman in trust to permit Elizabeth Stanton to enjoy the said Advowson for her life and upon further trust to permit his said wife to enjoy the rents and profits of the hereditaments not settled for the purpose of educating his six younger children and any posthumous children until each attained 21 years and after the decease of Elizabeth Stanton to dispose of all the said hereditaments not settled by the recited Indenture including the said Advowson for the benefit of his said children until attaining 21 years and within 7 years of the Testator's death to sell or charge the said hereditaments for the purpose of discharging several legacies thereafter mentioned i.e. £200 to each of the children of the Testator (including posthumous children) at 21 years with cross remainders to survivors, and the Testator directed that the said lands etc. settled by the recited Indenture should not be sold for 3 years after his death and that his said son Thomas should have the first refusal of the same for £1400 and he appointed his wife Elizabeth Stanton his sole Executrix. Witnessed by Anne Wagstaffe, Thomas Stanton junior and Hugonis Townsend. Codicil dated 20th October whereby the Testator bequeathed to his brother and sister [in law] William Gatheridge and Catherine his wife the sum of £20. Proved at London 14th February 1665 by Elizabeth Stanton.