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Attested Copy of the Will of Thomas Stanton of Wolverton gentleman whereby he devised to his cousin Thomas Aylworth of Wellesbourne Mountford gentleman, Edward Willes of Warwick gentleman and John Bolding of Norbrook yeoman and their heirs all his hereditaments wheresoever situate upon trust to apply the rents and profits in discharging all his debts etc. and legacies of the said Will and thereafter fori the maintenance of the Testator's nephew Thomas Stanton (son of the Tester's brother John Stanton deceased) for his life and thereafter to the use of the first and other sons of the said Thomas Stanton successively in tail male, remainder to Thomas Stanton of London tanner in tail male, remainder to the use of John Stanton of Longbridge gentleman and his heirs for ever. And the Testator appointed the said Thomas Aylworth, Edward Willes and John Bolding his Executors to whom he bequeathed all his personal estate aiding to his real estate for the performance of his Will subject to payment of legacies to his sisters Tomkys and Harris £5 each to buy rings, also he gave to his cousins Thomas John and Katherine Aylworth £5 each, to Thomas Stanton of London £5, to his cousin Elizabeth Stanton of Longbridge £1 to buy a ring, also to the two children of the said Elizabeth Stanton 10/- to buy rings and he gave to the poor of Wolverton £2. Witnessed by John Willes, Mary Elvins, Samuel Wright and Mary Bradshaw. Witnesses examined in Chancery before Thomas Woolmer and Nathaniel Nason. Attested 15th April 1766 by Thomas Walford, clerk to William Hunt, and William Hicks.