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Attested Copies of Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 15th January 1753 between Mary Gilbert widow, sole Executrix and residuary legatee of William Gilbert (see DR 38/1039, DR 38/1041 DR 38/1044 and that a sum of £2494-5-0 was then owing to Mary Gilbert, it was witnessed that in consideration of £2494-5-0 to her paid by Isabella Gilbert, she the said Mary Gilbert transferred the Mortgage and further mortgages described in DR 38/1039, DR 38/1041 DR 38/1044 in the premises described in DR 38/1022, DR 38/1033, DR 38/1036 DR 38/1038 to Isabella Gilbert subject to the proviso for redemption. Witnessed by Eli Blantarne and William Inge. Attested by John Crutchloe and Thomas Smith. Lease dated 14th January 1753 for one year of the same property by Mary Gilbert to Isabella Gilbert. Witnessed as before. Attested 15th April 1766 by Theobald Walford, clerk to William Hunt, and Thomas cleaver.