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Attested Copy of an Indenture between Thomas Cookes of Billesley gentleman and John Cookes of Stratford-upon-Avon glazier (Executors of the Will of Elizabeth Stanton late of Stratford-upon-Avon widow deceased, who was Executrix of the Will of Thomas Stanton late of Stratford-upon-Avon gentleman, her son lately deceased, which said Thomas Stanton of Stratford-upon-Avon was nephew and Executor of the last Will of Alice Stanton late of Wolverton spinster deceased, which said Alice was one of the sisters and Executrix of Sarah Stanton late of Wolverton spinster deceased) of one part and John Best citizen and barber surgeon of Lombard Street, London of the other part reciting an Indenture of Mortgage dated 190th November 1691 between Thomas Stanton of Wolverton and Sarah Stanton whereby Thomas Stanton demised to Sarah Stanton a term of 500 years in one half part of a messuage and farm lands called Blakon Farm in Wolverton theretofore in the occupation of Richard Reading and then of William Longford [the other half part of the said Blakon Farm being in the tenure of Susanna Stanton spinster, another sister of Thomas Stanton by virtue of a demise even date herewith from Thomas Stanton] subject to a proviso for redemption upon payment of £280 and reciting that the said Mortgage had become vested in Thomas and John Cookes to whom £309-14-11 was then owing, it was witnessed that the said Thomas Cookes and John Cookes in consideration of £309-14-11 to them paid by John Best assigned the said mortgage term to John Best subject to the proviso for redemption. Witnessed by Thomas Aylworth, Thomas Woolmer and J. Woolmer. Memorandum dated 14th December 1738 whereby John Best acknowledged that his name was made use of in the said Deed in trust for Thomas Stanton late of the Parish of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey gentleman deceased and that monies therein mentioned were the monies of Thomas Stanton. Witnessed by John Ellis and Richard Wright. Attested 15th April 1766 by Theobald Walford, clerk to William Hunt, and William Hicks.