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Attested Copy Deed Poll under the hand and seal of Isabella Gilbert reciting DR 38/1046 and that there was then due £2420 and that £990 part thereof was the money of her sister Sarah Gilbert of Coventry spinster and that £1430, the residue was the money of her sister Catherine Gilbert of the same place spinster and that her name had been used in trust for the said Sarah and Catherine Gilbert to whom she did covenant to pay interest on the said sums and to hold the principal in trust for them. Witnessed by Eli Blantarne and William Inge. Endorsement dated 1st May 1766 on back of the above Deed whereby Edward Croft acknowledged to have received the sum of £990 for the use of the said Sarah Gilbert and the sum of £1430 for the use of Catherine Gilbert (who was then wife of the said Edward Croft).