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Wolverton, Snitterfield, Claverdon, Langley, Sherborne, Milverton Warwick


Attested Copies of Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release dated 12th March 1720 between Thomas Aylworth of Wellesbourne Mountford gentleman, Edward Willes of Warwick gentleman and John Bolding of Norbrook yeoman of one part and Thomas Stanton (kinsman and devisee of Thomas Stanton late of Wolverton gentleman deceased) of London tanner of the other part reciting the Will of Thomas Stanton (see DR 38/1022) and that the Testator and his nephew had died without issue, and reciting that in the Easter Term 1718, Thomas Stanton party hereto exhibited a Bill of Complaint in Chancery against Thomas Aylworth, John Bolding, Edward Willes junior, John Palmer (an infant) and John Stanton (an infant) by their Guardians Defendants, in which cause it was declared that the said Will was well provided and that the said persons of the one part, Executors and Trustees of the said Testator should convey the estate of the Testator after payment of debts, legacies etc. to Thomas Stanton party hereto, it was witnessed that the said Thomas Aylworth, Edward Willes and John Bolding thereby conveyed to Thomas Stanton the Manor of Wolverton with appurtenances, the Advowson of the Church of Wolverton, also the Manor house with stables, barns, yards, orchards, gardens and appurtenances, also 9 closes of pasture which together with the said messuage were in the occupation of Thomas Aylworth, also another messuage in Wolverton with similar appurtenances and 10 closes of arable meadow and pasture land occupied by John Jackson, also another messuage and appurtenances with several closes adjoining together called Blakon Farm then in the occupation of Job Overton, also another messuage with appurtenances and home closes thereat together with one yard land and a quarter lying dispersedly in the Common Fields of Wolverton then in the occupation of John Cross, also a messuage, garden , yard and homestead thereto belonging with appurtenances in the possession of Susanna Tomkys widow who had an estate therein for her life (or for years determinable on her death), also several chief rents issuing out of lands in Wolverton, Snitterfield, Claverdon, Langley, Sherborne, Milverton and Warwick to the use first for paying all debts, legacies etc. and subject thereto to the use of Thomas Stanton and the heirs male of his body and in default of such issue to John Stanton and his heirs for ever. Witnessed by Thomas Woolmer, Thomas Lees and James Wright. Attested 15th April 1766 by Theobald Walford, clerk to William Hunt, and Thomas Cleaver. Lease dated 11th March 1720 for one year of the same property by Thomas Aylworth, Edward Willes and John Bolding to Thomas Stanton. Witnessed and attested as before.