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Wolverton Longbridge


Copy Will of John Stanton reciting that by an Indenture dated 7th June 1743, being a Marriage Settlement made upon Elizabeth his wife and the heirs of her body begotten by John Stanton several closes and meadows of the yearly value of £50 called Townsend's or Tanner's Close then in the occupation of John Stanton, the lane leading from Warwick to Sherbourne Field then in the occupations of William Smith and Widow Sharp and several meadows in Longbridge then also in the occupation of John Stanton were settled to the use of the Testator for life and thereafter to the use of Thomas Newsham and William Grove esquire in trust to apply the rents and profits for the maintenance of his surviving younger children until 21 years of age in such shares as he or his wife should appoint by deed or Will and in default of such direction during the joint lives of the Testator and his wife then in such shares as the survivor should appoint by Will and in default of such appointment to the younger children equally and reciting the Will of Thomas Stanton of Bermondsey (see DR 38/1033), he the said John Stanton devised to his brothers-in-law William Grove of Coventry and Thomas Newsham of Warwick esquires all the premises referred to in DR 38/1033 DR 38/1036 upon trust that after the Testator's death they should apply £25 per annum of the rents and profits to the maintenance of each of his daughters Elizabeth, Mary and Hannah, and of his younger son John until they reached 21 years, married or receive the sums thereafter bequeathed to them and the Testator empowered his Trustees to thereafter bequeathed to them and the Testator directed his Trustees to raise £2400 upon the premises devised to them wherewith to [pay the several legacies of £700 each of his 3 daughters and of £300 to his younger son John, as their portions upon attaining 21 years or marrying under that age, provided that each of his said daughters and son John should discharge to the Tester's eldest son William all claims and demands whatsoever upon the estate at Longbridge granted to them by the Settlement of 7th June 1743, and the Testator devised the Advowson of Wolverton Church to John Stanton and directed that all his debts, legacies etc. should be satisfied by the sale of the estate at Wolverton and that any overplus was to be paid to his eldest son William Stanton, and he devised all the residue of his personal estate to his wife Elizabeth Stanton and appointed his wife and brother-in-law William Grove his Executrix and Executor. Witnessed by George Hopkinson, Peter Commaineye and John Lobb. Proved 12th August 1757 by Elizabeth Stanton, widow of the Testator Note that William Stanton would succeed to the estate at Longbridge as heir at law of John Stanton the Testator. Letter dated 28th June 1765 by Thomas Millington, clerk to Mr. Gostling to William Hunt attorney at law, Stratford-upon-Avon concerning the copying and examination of the Will of John Stanton.