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Coventry, Stoneleigh, Bedworth, Walcote, Stivichall Foleshill


Copy Will of William Gilbert of Coventry gentleman whereby he directed that all his debts should be paid of his Executrix and he devised to his wife Mary for her life all his hereditaments which he purchased of William Murden, in Coventry without Grey Friars' Gate called Crabtree Fields late in the tenure of Mr. Bagnall and after her decease he devised the same to his granddaughter Mary Turton and the heirs of her body and in default of such issue to his right heirs subject to the payment thereout of 1/- per week to Testator's niece Joanna then wife of Samuel Cherwell for her life and he devised his hereditaments including certain lands called Brandon's Farm which he purchased of Mrs. Sheffington in Coventry late in the tenure of Cleophas Ratcliff deceased and since of his son Cleophas Ratcliff and Thomas Dallison and then of John Webster to his daughter Isabella Gilbert and her heirs and he bequeathed £620 to the said Isabella and he gave to his daughter Sarah Gilbert £1020 and devised to her all his hereditaments in Stoneleigh then in the tenure of John Commander and all his hereditaments in Bedworth in the occupation of John Wilson and he devised to his daughter Margaret his hereditaments at Walcote, Leicestershire, and he gave to his said daughter Margaret the sum of £1450, and he devised to his daughter Catherine his hereditaments in Stivichall adjoining Elsdon Lane called the Corner Close, Barn Close, the Great Close and the Far Close which together with buildings were called Brandon's Farm and he gave to his said daughter Catherine £1460 and he devised to his daughter Anna certain hereditaments in Foleshill and £1820 and he further devised certain lands in Coventry adjoining Elsdon Lane being part of Brandon's Farm to William Penhouse and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of the Testator for their lives, remainder to their son William Penhouse and his heirs for ever, and he gave to his grandsons John Penhouse and William Penhouse £100 each upon attaining 21 years and to his granddaughter Mary Elizabeth Penhouse £200 upon attaining 21 years with cross remainders to survivors, and he bequeathed to his kinsman Thomas Heathcoat £5, and he devised and bequeathed all the residue of his real and personal estate to his wife Mary whom he appointed his sole Executrix. Witnessed by Thomas Oldham, John Cheney and William Inge. Codicil dated 24th May 1750 reciting the bequest and devise of £1450 and real property at Walcote, Leicestershire to Testator's daughter Margaret and that she had married William Chambers of Coventry capper, he thereby revoked the recited bequest and devise to his daughter and devised the said real property to William Chambers for life, thereafter to Margaret his daughter for life, remainder to the children of their bodies in such shares as his daughter Margaret should appoint with remainder in default, and he gave £450 to his wife Mary and brother-in-law George Secker of Coventry in trust to purchase lands at Walcote and to settle the same to the same uses as above. Witnessed as before. Proved 13th March 1752.