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Wolverton Bilston


Indenture of Assignment between Samuel Aylworth of Halford gentleman (Administrator of the goods of Thomas Aylworth late of Wellesbourne Mountford gentleman deceased, his grandfather unadministered by his father Thomas Aylworth late of Wellesbourne Mountford gentleman deceased, the surviving Executor of Thomas Aylworth, grandfather of the said Samuel Aylworth and who was surviving Trustee named in an Indenture of 18th November 1691 hereinafter recited) of 1st part, William Grove of Coventry esquire surviving Trustee named in the Will of John Stanton of Warwick esquire deceased of the 2nd part, Edward Best of Bilston, Staffordshire clerk, the Honourable John Ward of Himley, Staffordshire esquire, Thomas Hoo of Great Barr, Staffordshire esquire, John Hodgetts of Prestwood, Staffordshire gentleman, Brook Crutchley of Stafford gentleman, Willis Hampson of Bilston, Staffordshire gentleman and John Stone of Kingswinford, Staffordshire gentleman of the 3rd part and Charles Oakes of Tamworth, Staffordshire gentleman of the 4th part reciting an Indenture of 10th November 1691 between Thomas Stanton of Wolverton gentleman of one part and Susanna Stanton of the other part (see DR 38/1020) and reciting another Indenture dated 18th November 1691 between Susanna Stanton of the 1st part, Thomas Aylworth the grandfather and Edward Cookes of Combe D'abitot, Worcestershire gentleman of the 2nd part, Thomas Stanton of the 3rd part and John Tomkins of Snitterfield clerk of the 4th part reciting that a marriage was intended to be had between John Tomkins and Susanna Stanton, it was witnessed that the Mortgage for £280 described in DR 38/1020 was assigned to Edward Cookes and Thomas Alyworth upon trusts to pay the interest to her Susanna Stanton till marriage and thereafter to John Tomkins and reciting that John Tomkins by his Will dated 15th June 1703 gave to the Ministers of Bilston, Staffordshire and their successors, after the decease of his wife Susanna (inter alia) £10 per annum charged upon Blakon Farm or the sum of £200 to purchase lands, and he gave the residue of his goods and chattels (except the overplus of Blakon Farm which he gave to his wife in part of £100 settled upon her at their marriage) to his Executors for payment of his debts etc. and devised Thomas Stanton and Thomas Aylworth to be Overseers of his Will and appointed his nephews Isaac Tomkin and William Tomkin and his brother John Hayes (then deceased) his Executors. And reciting that the Testator soon after died without issue and the said Susanna Tomkin died 15th May 1726 having made a Will dated 20th January 1720 whereby she gave to her Cousin Stanton of London (her Brother Stanton's heir) all her interest in the said Blakon Farm, he the said Stanton (cousin of the Testatrix) paying £200 to the Minister of Bilston, Staffordshire and his successors, and the Testator appointed John Aylworth her Executor, and reciting the death of John Aylworth in February 1733 having by his Will appointed his brother Thomas Aylworth his sole Executor, and that Thomas Aylworth surviving Trustee of the Marriage Settlement of 18th November 1691 died on 9th August 1709 having appointed his son Thomas Aylworth and John Aylworth the Executors of his Will which was proved the 18th September 1710 by Thomas Aylworth alone (John Aylworth being dead) who thereby became Trustee of the Settlement of 18th November 1691 and in whom vested the term of 500 years (security for £280) and reciting the Will of Thomas Stanton of Wolverton 7th May 1715 (see DR 38/1022 DR 38/1032) also the Will of Thomas Stanton of Bermondsey (DR 38/1033) and reciting that Edward Best had caused an Information to be exhibited in the Court of Chancery in the name of the Attorney General against William Stanton, Mary Stanton, John Heylyn Elizabeth his wife, Hannah Stanton and William Grove in order to recover the said sum of £200, and that the Master of the Rolls had decided that the said Charity was entitled to the £200 with interest, which interest upon investigation was found to amount to £279-18-1 and approved of John Ward, Thomas Hoo, John Hodgetts, Brooke Crutchley, Willis Kempson and John Stone to be six new Trustees of the said Charity for the Minister of Bilston, Staffordshire and his successors to whom the said William Grove paid the said £200 and £279-18-1, it was thereby witnessed that Samuel Aylworth in consideration of 5/- to him paid by each of William Grove and Charles Grove, and also in consideration of 5/- apiece to Edward Best, John Ward, Thomas Hoo, John Hodgetts, Brooke Crutchley, Willis Kempson and John Stone by Charles Oakes, did at the direction of William Grove, Edward Best and the six Trustees of the Charity assign to Charles Oakes the residue of the term of 500 years in the moiety of the property comprised in the Indentures of 15th 18th November 1691 in trust for William Grove and his assigns or such person who should be entitled to the Freehold to attend the inheritance. Signed Samuel Aylworth, Edward Best, John Ward, Thomas Hoo, John Hodgetts, Brooke Crutchley, William Kempson and John Stone. Red wax seal, a pelican crowned. Witnessed by Lucy Nason, William Walford, John Best, John Groves, Mary Foxall, William Jordan, Thomas Blick, William Barklow, Thomas Bradney, Ambrose Tibbats, Gough W. Kempson and R. Wrottesley.