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Quitclaim from William son of William Waring' of Taneworth' to his lord John le Archer of a piece of land with crops which he held of the said John lying in length and breadth between the fishponds (vivaria) and the park of the said John and the land of the said John as the ditch extends; and for this the said John gives in exchange certain meadow in the field of Taneworth called Longum meadow. Witnesses: Richard de Taneworth', Robert de Fulewode, Peter de Valle, Walter de Cherlecot', William Wistan, Roger Durvassal, William del Lee, Roger Paveye, William Brun, Ranulf Densy and others. Seal on tag, circular, white. A star of eight points. Legend: S'WILL'MI F' WARIN Endorsed: i) R to John Archer ii) Tonworth Latin, parchment, 51/4 x 4 ins.