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Gift with warranty from John le Archer of Taneworde to Robert de Ulenhale of a certain piece of land in Thanworde; namely a furlong (culturam) called Brodechroft, furlongs called Hetcroft, Buddelond and Stokinge, and a furlong called Frisches extending as far as the park (vivarium) of Taneworde, except the third of all the said furlongs which Christine the grantor's mother holds as dower; with the further grant, to the said Robert, of Walter son of Julian of Taneworde, Thomas Walraund of the same and Edith widow of Ranulf son of the reeve, the grantor's 'nativi', with all their households and chattels and the lands and tenements which they hold of the grantor in Taneworde; to hold the same rendering annually one clove of gilly flower at Christmas. Witnesses: William deu Lee, Richard de Folewode, Walter de Cherlecote, John Wodard', Thomas deu Lee, Ranulf Densy, Richard Hereber and others. Seal on tag, circular, . A Roman gem. Endorsed: i) Carta de Ulehales et Archers. ii) Nativus Walrane. Latin, parchment, 91/4 x 41/2 ins.