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Gift with warranty from John le Archer son of William le Archer of Thanewurth' to William son of Ralph del Lee, Isabell his wife and her female heirs for homage and service, of the land with houses and buildings which John Ketelbern once held in Thanewurth', all the land which William de Frith' held in the same, and an acre of land which Warin le Turnur once held; to hold the same to the said William and Isabell, their female heirs or assigns, except a religious house, (on condition that the said William should not alienate any of the said property, and, should he die before the said Isabell, that the said property should remain to Isabell for life with reversion to her female heirs), rendering annually 12 pence (2 terms). Witnesses: Robert de Fulewode, Henry de Aspele, Walter de Cherlcote, Roger Pavi, Roger de Sydenhale, William Wysten and others. Seal on tag, circular in natural wax. A Roman gem, a man sounding a trumpet. Endorsed: C. Tonirs chefe. Tonworthe. Latin, parchment, 61/4 x 6 ins.