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Gift with warranty from Robert son of William Pech of Nutheurst to Richard son of Gilbert of Mortona, his heirs and assigns, except a religious house, for homage and service, of a piece of land which the grantor held of Robert de Fulewude in Thanewurth' lying between the road which leads from Nutheurst towards the house of Thomas le Poter, and the road which leads from Nutheurst to Henleiam, and the grantor's land as enclosed by a ditch; to hold the same rendering annually 6 pence (2 terms) for all service save foreign service; and for this the said Richard gives five shillings and has performed homage; and should the said Robert or his heirs be unable to warrant the said land to the grantee, then they will give to them land of equal value. Witnesses: Roger son of John de Nutheurst, Roger 'carpentario', William brother of Thomas the deacon (decani), Richard de Fonte, Henry de Mora, Thomas Alen, William de Wystanescroft and others. Tag, seal lost. Latin, parchment, 63/4 x 5 ins.