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Gift with warranty from Henry son of Henry de Hallenhale to Peter de Valle, for homage and service, of the land which Henry his father held in Taneworthe lying in breadth between the highway and the lands which Roger, Ethe and William Bernard' held, and in length reaching from the land extending from the cross towards Monkespad' as far as Calueden; to hold the same as freely as Henry the grantor's father ever did rendering annually to the grantor a pair of white gloves at Easter and toa the church of the Blessed Mary Magdalene of Taneworthe 6 pence (2 terms); and for this the said Peter gives four marks. Witnesses: Robert de Valle, Robert de Hallenhale, Thomas parson of Tanewortht, John de Lodinton', Henry de Le, Henry de Cherlecote, John de Burle, Henry son of William and many others. Seal on tag, circular, white. Defaced and indecipherable. Latin, parchment, 53/4 x 41/2 ins.