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Gift with warranty from Robert lord of Holenhale to Thomas son of Peter de Lindeworthe, for homage and service, of five acres of waste land at Betleswothe in the vill of Taneworthe lying in width between a field called Totlemossefold and the grantor's waste-land towards Tolemossepol, and extending in length from the road leading towards Burnigham descending as far as Totlemos; to hold the same rendering annually 10 pence (2 terms) for all services save suit of court at Chesewyk' on reasonable summons at Michaelmas and the feast of St. Mary in March; and for this the said Thomas gives 27s 6d. Witnesses: Richard de Monhull' of Norton', Roger de le Echel', William de Romeshull', Thomas de la Lee, Roger Fabro and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Quinque denarii pro omnibus serviciis salvis sectis ad curiam ii) Tanworth Latin, parchment, 73/4 x 43/4 ins.