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Gift with warranty from Henry de Lee to Nicholas son of Roger de Listerleya, his heirs and assigns, except a religious house or the chief lords of the fee, for homage and service, of eight acres of land with the crops in Sponna, beginning from the road which leads from Betlesworthe towards Henleyam, lying between the heath of Clavesleye and the land of John son of Nicholas and extending from a large birchtree above the ditch towards Calvesleye as far as the bounds between the land which John son of Nicholas held and the land which Thomas son of Roger the reeve held, running in a straight line; to hold the same rendering annually 2s 8d (2 terms) for all services save the foreign service due to the chief lord; and for this the said Nicholas gives 10 marks. Witnesses: John parson of Henleya, John le Archer, Roger Durvassal, Robert de Fulewode, Richard de Taneworth', Peter de Valle, William de Botteleye, Roger de Sydenhale and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: Carta Nicholai filii Rogeri de Listerlegh' facta per Henricum de la Lee de viii acris et de tota vestura in Sponna, reddendo per annum iis viiid Latin, parchment, 81/2 x 31/2 ins.