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Gift with warranty from Henry de Lee of Thaneworth' to John le Archer of the same and Margery his wife of an annual rent of 8s 9d in Thaneworth', namely from Richard de la Sponne 3s 11d, from William de Sydenhale 8d, from Nicholas Desterleye 2s 8d and from Richard de la Koppe 18d; to hold the same with reliefs and escheats pertaining thereto rendering due and customary service to the chief lord; and for this the said John and Margery give 60 shillings. Witnesses: Richard de Folewode, John Wodart, Henry de Sydenhale, Thomas de la Lee, Simon le Archer and others. Fragment of white seal on tag, defaced. Endorsed: i) Carta de redditu viiis ixd facta Johanni Archer et Margerie uxori eius per Henricum de Lee percipiendo de iiiior tenentibus infraspecificatis ii) Toneworth' iii) Henricus le Lee iv) Of ys ys drawn Latin, parchment, 81/2 x 31/2 ins.