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Gift with warranty from Peter son of Walter de Wlferdinton' to Richard de Folewode of Tanewrth', for service, of an annual rent of eight shillings in Tanewrth', with homages, wardships, reliefs and escheats; namely from the land which Nicholas de Slovh once held 3 shillings, from the land which William son of Henry de Coddeberg' once held 4s 2d, from the land which William le Franceis once held 6d, and 1d customarily paid by William Waric, 2d by William Page and 1d by John Dolfin; to hold the same rendering annually one clove of gilly flower; and for this the said Richard gives 5 marks. Witnesses: John le Archer, William de Barnevile, John Wodard, Thomas de Lee, Roger Pavi, John son of Roger, Walter the chaplain and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Woulvaryntun. ii) Petrus filius Walteri de Wlferdinton, s.d. Latin, parchment, 9 x 33/4 ins.