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Gift with warranty from Richard son of Robert de Folewode of Tanewrth' to William son of Thomas Smith (fabri) of Feckeham, for homage and service, of a tenement with smithy and other buildings which John Smith (faber) of Henle once held for a term from Robert, the grantor's father; to hold the same to the said William rendering one service, namely that once a year he should shoe one of the grantor's horses and make the ploughshares for one plough, the grantor supplying the necessary timber and iron for such ploughshares; and in default of the grantee performing this service, the said property to revert to the grantor; and for this the said William gives half a mark. Witnesses: John Archer, Walter de Cherlecot', William de la Lee, William Wystan, Richard Herbert and others. Tag and seal lost. Latin, parchment, 8 x 23/4 ins.