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Agreement whereby Roger de la Forde of Aspeleya, having received from Richard de Fulwode 11 shillings for certain goods which his father, Robert de Fulwode, lately received from William de Burl, coroner, binds himself, with his two pledges, Mathew de Witel' and Walter Henli, to save harmless the said Richard from the king's bailiffs or any others; and should the said Richard incur any penalty or vexation in this matter, then the said Roger and his pledges are obliged to allow the bailiffs of Henle to distrain them until satisfaction is made to the said Richard by the view of lawful men. Witnesses: Roger de Wrocsil', William de la Le, Roger Maheu, Walter de Cherlecot', Geoffrey Marcescallo and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: Ballivi de Henly Latin, parchment, 71/4 x 31/4 ins.