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Quitclaim from Walter de Cherlecote of Tanewrth' to John le Archer of the same of an annual rent of 12 pence received from William Warner, together with heriots, reliefs, and escheats; also an annual rent of 2 pence received from William Brun, and all the land which the grantor held of William son of Henry de Coddeberuw in a place called Wlvesedish; to hold the same rendering annually 1 penny at the feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Mary; and for this the said John gives 40 shillings. Witnesses: Richard de Folewode, Robert de Olenhale, Roger de Sydenhale, Richard the clerk, Walter the chaplain and many others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) 21. Of the second rolle ii) Of ys ys drawn iii) Carta Walteri de Cherlecote facta Johanni Larcher de redditu Willelmi Warner et Willelmi Brun' et de Latin, parchment, 71/4 x 41/4 ins.