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Gift with warranty from William Sparkes of Henleya chaplain to John Dolfin and Agnes his wife of Toneworth' of two crofts as enclosed by hedges and ditches, of which one lies between the curtilage which the grantor holds for term of life and the land late of Richard de la Spone, extending as far as the land which William 'ad grangeam' held for a term of years; and the other croft lies between the land of John de Bosco and the grove of Richard de la Coppe; to hold the same of the chief lord of the fee rendering annually 14 pence (2 terms). Witnesses: John Wodart, Roger Gerin, Richard Gerin, Richard de la Copp', John de Bosco and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: 14d per capitalem redditum pro duobus croftis iuxta Spone land Latin, parchment, 71/4 x 31/4 ins.