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Gift and quitclaim from William son of William Warin to John le Archer of Thaneworthe his lord of a piece of land to enlarge his park lying in length across two fields, namely from a road called Walrandeslone as far as the road called Bradewellelone just as the ditch of the said John extends (equaliter sicut fovea dicti Johannis extenditur), and lying in width between the said park and the land of the said William; and for this the said John has released to the said William an annual rent of 6 pence from the rent of 7 shillings which he customarily pays and has given him one mark. Witnesses: Richard de Folewod', Roger de Sydinhal', Walter de Cherlecote, Walter Brun, Roger Warner and many others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: Carta Walrondeslande Latin, parchment, 73/4 x 23/4 ins., damaged.