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Quitclaim from William son of Robert Abel of Middelmor of Tanewrth' to John le Archer of Tanewrth' of all his right in a croft lying in Monekespath' extending in length from the lane, leading from the house of Simon de Manecestre, towards the land of La Litte, and lying in width between the lands of Roger Smith (fabri) and Richard de Wilarescote on one side and the land of Richard de Middelmor on the other. Witnesses: William de Barnevile, Richard de Fulwod', John Wodard', Simon de Middelmor, Roger Fabro and others. Tag and seal lost. Endorsed: Relaxacio Willelmi filii Roberti Abell' de crofto facta Johanni Archer, Monkespath'. Latin, parchment, 51/4 x 31/4 ins.