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Gift with warranty from Williamason of William Brun of Tanewrth' to William de Barnevile, for service, of a piece of land in Tanewrth' lying in length and breadth 'per circuitum' between the grantor's land, the land of the said William de Barnevile, his entry (introitum eius) from the heath, and the heath; to hold the same rendering annually one grain of pepper at Christmas; and for this William the grantee gives 5s 6d. Witnesses: John le Archer, Richard de Folewode, John Wodard, Walter de Cherlecote, Walter the chaplain and others. Sal on tag, circular, green. A star of six points. Legend: S'WILL'I FIL' - WILL'I ---N. Endorsed: Carta Barnewylle. Tonworth Latin, parchment, 8 x 31/4 ins.