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Agreement between Henry de Craft of Leminton' and Margery his wife on the one part and Simon de Manecestr' on the other whereby the said Henry, with the consent of Margery his wife, enfeoffs the said Simon with the homage and service of Elias le Smethe in Thanewrth' and of 6s 6d annual rent from the whole tenement which the said Elias held in the said vill; and for this the said Simon gives 60 shillings. As the said property formed part of the marriage portion of the said Margery, she swears on holy relics that, should she outlive her husband, she will not molest the said Simon on account of the said property; and should she, or any acting in her name, break this oath then she must give 100 shillings for the maintenance of the mother church of Lichfield, and five marks to the said Simon for giving one of his kinsmen in marriage (ad quamdam de consanguineis suis maritandam) and all his expenses, notwithstanding any royal prohibition or privilege to the contrary. Further warranty and security clauses. Witnesses: Roger de Sydenhall', Walter Brun, Roger Warner, Walter de Cherlecote, Simon de Middelmor and others. Two tags, seals lost. Endorsed: Carta Symonis de Mancestr' facta per Henricum Croft de Leminton et Margeriam uxorem suam de tenemento in Toneworth' Latin, parchment, 81/2 x 41/2 ins.