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Gift and quitclaim with warranty from Margery formerly the wife of Walter de Worwardinton' to John son of William le Archer of land in Taneworth' called Lullingham lying in breadth between the land of the said John called Bancroft and the land of the lord of the fee on the west and the river descending from the well called le Wodewalle on the east, and in length between the land of the said John called le Rudinge on the north and the land of the said John called Heshul on the south; and for this the said John gives 4 marks and agrees to pay to the chief lord of Taneworth' 6 pence annually (2 terms). Witnesses: Robert de Folewode, William de Romeshulle, Ralph son of Nicholas de Holenhale, Roger de Sydenhale, Walter de Cherlecot, John Wodard, William de la Lee, Ranulf Densi, Roger Pavi, Walter the clerk and others. Seal on tag, a pointed oval, white. A human figure standing. Legend indecipherable. Endorsed: i) 8. Of the seconde rolle ii) Lullingham. Carta Margerie quondam uxoris Walteri Worwardinton' facta Johanni filio Willelmi le Archer. iii) Coppyd. Reddendo per annum capitali domino vid Latin, parchment, 81/4 x 51/2 ins.