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Gift with warranty from Thomas earl of Warwick to Richard 'Dispensatori' son of Henry de Warwick, for homage and service, of 10 acres of land in Thanewurde lying near the land of Thomas del Frid, eight of which reach from the heath to the River Blithe and two lie on the other side of the Blithe; to hold the same to the said Richard, his heirs and assigns (except a religious house) rendering annually 20 pence (2 terms); and for this the said Richard gives one mark. Witnesses: Sir Robert de Grendon' steward, Sir Henry de Lodbroc, Geoffrey de Breylis, William de Bereford', William le Archer, Henry de la Le, Ralph de la Le and many others. Tag and seal lost. Endorsed: Carta Ricardi Dispens' filii Henrici de Warr' facta per Thomam comitem Warr' de x acris terre iuxta terram Thome Defred et a bruera usque aquam vocatam Blith' et ii acris extransverso Blith' reddendo inde per annum xxd. Latin, parchment, 73/4 x 4 ins.