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Gift with warranty from Philip Durvassal of Spernovere, with the consent of Felicia his wife, to Roger Molendinario of Monkespathe of three acres of waste land in Tonewrth' lying between the grantor's land and the land of Adam de Benetford' and extending from the close of the Lord Earl as far as the highway leading from Benetford' towards the church of Tonewrth'; to hold the same to the said Roger, his heirs and assigns, except a religious house, rendering annually 18 pence (2 terms), for all services save the foreign service due to the king, namely the payment of scutage at the rate of 1 penny per acre when it falls due; and for this the said Roger gives 30 shillings. Witnesses: Simon de Middelmor, Richard Goer, Roger Geryn, Henry de Halreshawe, Robert de la Venne and others. Two tags, seals lost. Endorsed: Philipus Durvassall Latin, parchment, 10 x 33/4 ins.