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Gift with warranty from Thomas earl of Warwick to Richard 'dispensario' son of Henry de Warwick and his assigns (except a religious house), for homage and service, of the land which William de Friht once held of the grantor in Taneworth'; to hold the same rendering annually 3 shillings (2 terms). Witnesses: Sir John Durvassal steward, Sir Henry de Lodbroc, Thomas Pessun parson of Taneworth', William Archer, Robert de Ulhale, Peter de Val, Odo de Herberburi, Dom Robert chaplain of the earl, Walter the clerk, Ralph de Lee, John Archer, Roger the clerk and many others. Seal on tag, circular, green, large fragment only. A knight on horseback with sword in hand. Endorsed: i) Carta Ricardi Dispensarii filii Henrici de Warr' facta per Thomam comitem Warr'. Redditus iis ii) Schepcotte Latin, parchment. 51/2 x 23/4 ins.