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Gift with warranty from Richard de le Egge to John le Archer, for homage and service, of 10s 8d rent issuing from the property held by the grantor of William de Holenhale in Taneworth'; namely from Roger son of Warin 12 pence, from Reginald son of Roger de la Hethe 7s 8d and from Simon son of Richard de Middelmor 6 pence, with all homages, reliefs, wardships and escheats pertaining thereto; and from Nicholas de Svanesdich for the mill of Monekespath' 18 pence; to hold the same rendering annually to the said William de Olenhale customary service, namely 2 pence at Christmas. Witnesses: Sir Roger Durvassal, Sir Ralph de Broctune, Sir William de Berford, Robert de Folewode, William de Romeshull', Walter de Cherlecote, Roger de Sidenhale, William de Lee, William Wistan and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) 13. Of the seconde rolle ii) Carta de ley hehthe per annum viis viiid. Carta de Svanysdyche per annum iii) Carta Johannis Archer facta per Ricardum de le Egge de redditu in Toneworth xs viiid per annum capitali domino iid festum Latin, parchment, 10 x 61/4 ins.