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Gift with warranty from Geoffrey Marescallus of Lapwrth' to Agnes daughter of William de Wistanescroft of a messuage, with building, orchard and garden with the hedges surrounding the same next to Portweyam, being the messuage which Roger Wellok' held of the grantor; with the further gift of all the land which the grantor held on Grimeshull' by inheritance, with certain land which William Warin held for life of the grantor; to hold the same rendering annually one halfpenny on the feast of St. Dionosius; and for this the said Agnes gives 2 marks. Witnesses: John le Archer, Robert de Fulewode, Walter de Cherlecot', William de la Lee, Roger Pavy, Richard Herbert', Ranulf Densy and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) 1. In the forthe role. ii) Carta mesuagii orti et gardini iuxta Portweiam quondam Rogeri Wellok' cum terra super Grimeshull' et terra quam Willelmus Warin' tenuit ad terminum vite reddendo per annum obolum ad festum sancti Dionisii Galfrido Maresc' de Lapworth' intr'. Latin, parchment, 63/4 x 31/2 ins.