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Tanworth, Monkspath


Agreement between John de Curli and Margery his wife, plaintiffs, and Robert de Ulenhale, defendant in a plea of dower, whereby the said Robert assigns to the said John and Margery by way of dower, 40 shillings rent to be taken annually from his gardens in Monekespath', Ulenhenhale and Forewode, namely from Henry de Eston' 6s 4d, from Henry Notelin 2s 8d, from Gilbert Berner 18d, from Edith de Eston' widow 6d, from Robert Maheu 2s, from Simon de Middelmor 6s 8d, from Henry de Riwale 5s, from Peter de Val 12d, from Geoffrey de Elias 4s 4d, from Stephen de Widenhay 161/2d, from Ranulf Ap'leston 3s 2d, from Robert Abel 18d and from Richard Goer 4s; to be received in equal portions at Michaelmas and Lady Day; to hold the same for the life of the said Margery with right of distraint for non-payment; and the said Robert agrees that during the life of the said Margery neither he nor any in his name shall be allowed to fish in the free fishery of Monekespath' assigned to her in dower, except with her consent; and the said Robert further agrees not to sell or assign any part of the waste or heath of Munekespath' unless the said John and Margery receive a third part of the price or rent. Should the said Robert break this agreement during the life of the said Margaret then he will pay to her and the said John 6 shillings. Witnesses: Richard Sprigurnel, John le Archer, Richard de Wroxhull', Roger de Brome, Roger de Sasseles, William de Sidenhale, Robert de Lagrive clerk and others. Two seals on tags: i) circular, white, damaged. A mullet of six points. ii) a pointed oval, white. ?Virgin and child. Endorsed: Carta de dote Margerie uxoris Johannis Curli per Robertum de Olenhale. Monkespath, Ulenhal, Forwode. Latin, parchment, 61/4 x 51/4 ins., indented