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Gift with warranty from Torstein de Siglebi to Roger Durvassal of Spernovera, for homage and service, of land in Toneworthe which the grantor holds of Thomas earl of Warwick, namely a close surrounded by a ditch; to hold the same to the said Roger, his heirs and assigns, (except a religious house) rendering annually to the chief lord 5 shillings (2 terms); and for this the said Roger gives 20 marks. Witnesses: Robert de Baginheden', William Corbisun, William le Archer, Richard le Despenser, Richard Goer, Roger Gerin, William son of Walter, master Richard who wrote this charter and many others. Tag and seal lost. Endorsed: i) Toneworth ii) Durvarsale. Latin, parchment, 81/4 x 6 ins.