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Gift with warranty from William le Archer of Tanewrth' to Isabell his daughter in free marriage of all the land which Walter Canun held in Tanewrth' and an annual rent of 6 pence paid by Robert de Coddebarue; to hold the same rendering annually a pair of white gloves at Easter. Witnesses: Henry de la Lee, Walter clerk of Tanewrth', Robert de Folewod', William Wystan, Roger de Sidenhal', Roger Pavy, Richard Goer and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) 10. Of the thryd rolle. ii) Carta de Canun et de redditu vid per annum de Roberto de Codbarue facta per Willelmum Archer Isabelle filie sue. iii) Of ys ys drawn Latin, parchment, 71/4 x 23/4 ins.