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Gift with warranty from John son of William le Archer of Taneworthe to William son of William Waring of a meadow in the field of Taneworth' called Longemedwe extending in length from the land which Henry de Coddebarue held as far as the grantor's assart, and in width between the lands of Walter de Cherlecote and Robert de Coddebarue on one side, and the land of Walter de Wolwardintona on the other; to hold the same as freely as he held a meadow which he had given to the grantor in exchange. Witnesses: Richard de Taneworth', Robert de Fulewode, Walter de Cherlecote, William del Lee, Roger Paveye, William Brun, Ranul Densy and others. Seal on tag, circular, white, imperfect. A rudimentary quatre-foil. Legend: ----IS FIL' W'LLI L----- Endorsed: Carta de Lonemeddwe facta per Willelmum Archer Willelmo filio Waring' Latin, parchment, 83/4 x 21/2 ins.