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Gift with warranty from Christine daughter of John de Hullehale to William de Wystanescroft, for homage and service, of all her land which her father once held in Hadengwrst, saving the dower of her mother Edith, with all the homages, feudal services, reliefs and escheats due to the grantor from Alexander the clerk son of John the chaplain, namely that land lying between Porthweiam, the land of Roger Hereman, the land of the said Alexander and the land of Adam Hereman; to hold the same rendering annually a pair of white gloves or 1/2d at Easter and to the chief lord 21/2d (2 terms); and for this the said William gives half a mark and has become her man. Witnesses: Henry de la Le, John de Nuthewrst, Robert Michel, Walter Pech, Robert his brother, William de Birches, Henry de Mora and certain others. Seal on tag, oval, white, defaced. Latin, parchment, 61/4 x 41/4 ins.