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Gift from Thomas parson of Thanewrth' to Walter son of Peter de Wlfwardinton', in free marriage with Margery his daughter, of the homages and services of the following in Thanewrth', Gorcot' and Hullenhale; namely from William de Codeberewe 4s 6d, from William son of Roger 6d, from Richard del Slow 4s 1d, from Henry Ruffo 12d, from Hugh 'textore' 12d, from Roger Snachet 12d, from Henry the clerk 121/2, from Simon son of Roger de Mora 12d, from Thomas de Gorcote 6d and from Robert le Neuchomene 3s; to hold the same to the said Walter and Margery and the heirs of their bodies, with reversion, in default, to the said Thomas. Witnesses: William de Edrichheston', William de Waleford', Michael parson of Wlfwardinton', Richard his brother, William Archer, Nicholas de Curdeshal', Alan his son, William de Wistonescroft', Thomas Parch', William de Colehull' and others. Tag, seal lost. Endorsed: i) Toneworth', Gorcot' et Hullenhale ii) de Dower pro terra in Tonworth iiiis vid et servicio militari iii) Wolvardington Latin, parchment, 7 x 41/2 ins.