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Gift from Henry son of Henry de Hulhale to William le Archer of all the right which he has in the homage and service of William son of Hugh le Brun, as an addition to the tenement held by the said William of the grantor for 2 shillings; and for this the said William gives one mark. Witnesses: Dom Thomas parson of Taneworth', Robert de Hulhal', Henry de la Lee, Peter de Valle. Richard son of Henry of Warwick, Walter clerk of Taneworth', Ranulf de la Lee, Ranulf 'palmerio', Robert de Croenhale and many others. Seal on tag, circular, white. A bird. Legend: SIGILL' H'RICI DE------ Endorsed: i) Carta Henrici Huhale, chefe iis, Tan' ii) of ys ys drawn iii) copied [SA] Latin, parchment, 63/4 x 21/4 ins.