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Gift from Simon de Cherlekote to Walter his son and Joan daughter of William le Archer, and their heirs of all his land in Tanewrth'; to hold the same freely, saving service to the chief lord, on condition that the said Walter and Joan provide the grantor with all necessary food and clothing and other necessities during his lifetime; and the said Joan to continue to provide the same should the said Walter die before her; and should the said Walter and Joan die without issue then the said land to revert to the rightful heirs of the said Simon. Witnesses: Dom David prior of Kenellewrth', Sir William le Archer, Richard servant of Tanewrth', Sir Henry de la Le, William de la Le, Robert de Folewode, William de Wistanescroft, Walter the clerk and many others. Seal on tag, defaced white fragment only. Endorsed: Carta de Cherlecot. Tanworth Latin, parchment, 71/2 x 31/2 ins.