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Quitclaim from Walter son of Harding to his lord William le Archer of all the land in Tanewrth' which he held of the said William lying between the land of Simon de Cherlecote and the road called Huneste in width, and in length between the land which William Hert held and the road called Springwellelona; and for this the said William gives 1/2 mark. Witnesses: Richard Dispensatore steward, Robert de Offwrth', Simon de Cherlecote, Walter de Kynton', Walter the clerk his brother, Roger de Sydenhale, Peter de Valle, Adam Wdard, Nicholas de Coppa, Nicholas Palefrei, William Wystan and others. Fragment of seal on tag in a cotton wrap. Endorsed: i) Relaxacio facta per Walterum filium Hardyngi de terre iacente inter terram de Cherlecote et Hunesti, et terram Willelmi Hert et Springewellone. ii) Carta Willelme le Archer, Hardyng' iii) copied [SA] Latin, parchment, 61/4 x 31/4 ins.