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Fifteenth century copy of gift with warranty from Thomas earl of Warwick to William de Wystenescrofte, his heirs and assigns (except a religious house), for homage and service, of 241/2 acres of land in Toneworthe with a certain strip of land at Springewellsyche, of which 51/2 acres lie in Fischare between Salteweyam, the land of Reginald Umbeturne and the road which leads from Fischeware towards the church of Toneworthe on the one side, and on the other between the road which leads from Crowenhale and Sydenhale towards the said church; 121/2 lie in Haukesware between Salteweyam, the land of Simon de Cherlecote and Thomas de Haukesware and the road which leads from Monspathe towards the said church; 61/2 lie between Salteweyam, the heath, the land of the said William and Springewell', and the strip between the land of the said William, Springewellsiche and the said heath; to hold the same rendering annually 8d (octo sterlingos monete); and for this the said William gives 20 shillings. Witnesses: Sir Henry de Lodbrok, William de Edrigestona, William de Berforde, William de Archer, Henry de Lee, Richard the servant, Robert de Crowenhale et certain others. Latin, parchment, 101/4 x 41/4 ins.